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Business Support

Since 1993 Mobile Tech Support has been providing small and medium-sized businesses like yours with both industry leading IT consulting and local tech support that removes the pain, worry and hassle of managing your technology alone, and ensures your systems are safe, secure and designed to last.

We know that these systems need to be protected and maintained to assure 24/7 uptime.  As an example, our servers are the hearts of the IT infrastructure.  If you're like most businesses in today's fast-paced business climate, down time is simply not an option.  Thus, you want to know that your server's backups are protecting your business from something as simple as failing hard drives to something as tragic as natural disasters or theft.  

So whether it's computer and network server support, data security and backups, or IT project and network consulting, Mobile Tech Support is the best choice for professional, end-to-end local IT outsourcing.  

In addition to basic IT outsourcing support, Mobile Tech Support is pleased to offer your company technology-based solutions for your business challenges. Common business challenges that can be solved with the right technology include the following:

  •  Growing your business- Your business' IT network builds the foundation for all growth. With a customized plan to address your company's unique needs, All Covered can help you build a flexible, expandable IT network that will make it easy for your current and future employees to communicate, collaborate, and share
  • Strategic IT planning- To maximize your business' investment in IT, you need an IT plan that will address your current and future needs. All Covered can give you the skills and experience of a CIO without the payroll burden of hiring a CIO.
  • Increasing productivity- When your business' IT network is managed appropriately, all employees should have access to the data they need, whenever they need it, regardless of where they are working. All Covered can create and maintain a customized IT network that ensures all employees have access to the data they need so they can be productive.
  • Complying with regulations- If your vertical market is governed by state or federal regulations, you need to safeguard all electronic data in specific ways. All Covered can help you build a secure IT environment that will meet your specific regulatory requirements.
  • Coping with business changes- As your business changes, so will your IT needs. You can count on All Covered to help your business plan and implement the best IT solutions to meet your current and future IT needs.
  • Business continuity planning- Your business need to have a backup plan that will allow your business to operate, no matter what happens. All Covered can help you create and implement a customized plan that ensures that your critical IT systems and data are always available, no matter what happens.
  • Securing your data- Regardless of your vertical market, your business relies on proprietary data being secure from external attacks and internal a
    buse. All Covered can help you create a layered defense that protects your data


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