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Website HostingWhy should you allow Mobile Tech Support, Inc.  the privilege to host your valuable web site? Nothing but the best, no expense spared.

  • Location, Location, Location. Our servers are located at i/o Data Centers, Phoenix AZ.   i/o PHOENIX is among the world's largest data centers.  They have access to 56MW of power, with their own dedicated, on-site sub-station.   Access to our servers is restricted by biometric screening, 24x7 guard staff and a very impressive defensible perimeter (including those very cool rise-from-the-ground barriers at the entrance.
  • Redundancy. We have redundant power feeds, redundant internet connections, redundant mirrored router / firewalls with automatic fail-over.   On top of that our webservers are mirrored nightly and could be fired up on another server within minutes, if the need ever arose.
  • Backups. We're paranoid about your data so you don't have to be.   We have multiple levels of backups on-site, and off-site.  We backup your website, your databases, we even backup your email users.
  • Speed. You want speed?  Tired of slow hosting?   Our web servers are hosted on blistering fast Intel SSD drives, with an enormous pipe to the internet
  • Business Class. We host mainly business websites.  We don't overcrowd our servers with thousands of personal websites, running unnecessary SQL databases.   We don't tolerate abusers.   We won't host porn sites.   We don't tolerate SPAM.   We think our hosting quality speaks for itself.
  • Expandability. Need dedicated database servers?  Front end caching proxy server?   Talk to us, we can design a solution for your needs.
  • Spam Filtering. We pre-process all emails through our anti-spam server to reduce the volume of SPAM emails you receive by up to 90%.  Got an Exchange server?  We can pre-process your email through our anti-spam servers and send the results to your existing mail server!

* All domain hosting, parking, and email accounts must agree to the Mobile Tech Support, Inc.'s standard Terms and Conditions, as listed at  Domain registration is available.  Hosting is billed on a quarterly basis.  No refunds.


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